Chateau Christmas


Action / Comedy / Drama / Music / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1470

christmas hallmark

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Luke Macfarlane as Jackson Lewis
Merritt Patterson as Margot Hammond
Jessica Steen as Renee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cgvsluis 5 / 10

A classical music Christmas second chance romance

Margot is a classical pianist whose playing now lacks "passion and heart" according to a critic. Her holiday performances are canceled due to damage to the facility she was booked to play in, leaving her able to join her family for Christmas at the Chateau.

Meanwhile Jackson, a college friend and fellow musician, is talked in to directing the Chateau Christmas concert after their director pulls out...only that isn't the only problem with their show, they also loose their headliner. There is just days till the after running in to Margot, he talks her in to performing.

The two of them are at a local music shop and run into part of a famous quartet...who they systematically convince to join their Christmas performance at the château.

Not only were Jackson and Margot fellow musicians and classmates, but they had a romantic relationship that ended when Margot went off to fame and travel.

Jackson fits right in with Margot's family as they alternate working on the concert and doing family Christmas activities.

Beautiful classical music in this holiday romance.

((I am confused a)Why Margot's family is at the Château and b)Why they are decorating a tree in their suite with family ornaments?))

"I've been so busy, I forgot how fun playing can be."-Jackson.

What Margot was going to play for the concert was completely predictable once it was mentioned. Margot and Jackson have Chemistry, the supporting cast was good and the music was beautiful.

Reviewed by damenesq 4 / 10

I like Merritt Patterson, but this movie annoyed me

I grade Hallmark movies on a curve because I love them. And I really enjoy watching talented beautiful actresses like Merritt Patterson (especially in The Christmas Cottage and Forever in My Heart). But I just didn't feel a lot of chemistry between her and her old boyfriend (played by Luke Macfarlane). I did, however, like the relationship between the estranged couple that was part of the Lafayette Quartet.

The reason I went to the trouble of writing this review is because I really really hated the movie's emphasis on the very BIG and IMPORTANT concert that ended up taking place in what seemed like a small banquet room with maybe 30-40 people in attendance (including family). And then, when the BIG night arrived, Merritt's Patterson's character came out and played just one song. She's the "famous" headliner of a BIG concert that needed her old boyfriend to be the concert director- and she plays one song for 30-40 people???? And it's somehow a great success? With the boyfriend praised for his "leadership" as the director? What??

I realize that Hallmark movies are made on a tight budget but somebody should've invested in a CGI team to make it look like there were more people there. That same team could be used to fill out the crowds at every festival or a big event that's featured in virtually every Hallmark movie (most of which also seem sparsely attended).

And the Director and Editor should have made it seem like the headliner played more than just one song.

Most of us Hallmark fans are happy to buy into the fantasy of a love story full of familiar tropes and a guaranteed happy ending. But they need to try and make the rest of a movie like this seem plausibly realistic. They failed in this movie and it ruined the rest of it for me.

Reviewed by toddsgraham 6 / 10

Not bad Hallmark Christmas movie

I enjoy watching Hallmark Christmas movies, for the most part. I come to them knowing what they are: they are made for TV romance movies with a predictable plot. That said, I usually enjoy their uplifting, cozy feel and their festive spirit. I also learn a lot about 'so-called' Christmas traditions; I expect some genuine and other not so genuine. I was, however, a bit disappointed with this movie. The acting by both Luke Macfarlane and Merritt Patterson was good; I typically like their Hallmark films (e.g., The Mistletoe Promise was good). The acting by the supporting cast, however, was rather weak, especially the mother and sister. Something seemed to be missing as well; it lacked the cozy Christmas atmosphere, which I love about Hallmark movies.

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