SantaClaus: A Horror Story



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Plot summary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 5 / 10

Look at a coin, then look a away

"Santa Claus: A Horror Story" and "Santa Claus: Serial Rapist" are the same film. The Horror Story includes a bonus film, "The Druid Zombie." Bill BeZebub fills the film with his atheistic views of religion, his views of politics, and philosophy. Where you are on the belief and education scale will determine how much you enjoy listening to a film filled with monologues, interrupted by Bill in a bad Santa suit raping almost young girls.

The rapes themselves are metaphors. Santa represents St. Nicklaus and the Roman Catholic church in general as their rules have serially raped religion throughout the ages. This is explained far too often in the film. A lot of conjecture is spouted as fact, not that it is bad conjecture, it is just an educated guess exactly where the church got its ideas. Acting wasn't that good. Bill needs to stay off camera.

The film also consists of a lot of amateurish self promotion with background posters from previous films and a web address.

Guide; F-word, rape, FF nudity and a self vagina mutilation scene Bill felt he had to explain in length.

Reviewed by dwaltz 10 / 10

Santa Claus is 'coming' to town has a whole new meaning!

As promised in the title, the first thing we are assailed by in Bill Zebub mainstay Lydia Lael being raped by Santa Claus. He has total control over her physical form and is able to make her do whatever he wants. After the rape she calls Thalia to see if she can discover what is happening. It fits in with research she is already doing and she brings in Bill's character as an adviser since his specialty is mythology. Being a professor, Bill is able to talk to many of his students concerning the origins of the Santa myth and why now he has become a monstrous rapist of women instead of a bringer of toys for children. As he continues to research the myth of Santa, more and more women are being raped and, in an interesting twist, all are pregnant from the encounter. The rapist is also changing his appearance to sometimes look like an elf and other times more of a religious figure. Thalia puts herself under self hypnosis so that when she is raped by who she believes to be Bill in the guise of Santa, she can awaken from his power and stab him. When the stab wound issues green blood, Thalia discovers that not all is what she thought it was and her measuring the rapist in human terms will no longer work. Bill meets with a woman who has also been a victim of the Santa Rapist and they discuss things that reveal to the audience that she may not be human either. When the true identity of the Santa Rapist is revealed we realize that everything we believed about the mythical being known as Santa Claus is false and the true answer is a horrifying, apocalyptic revelation. Santa Claus is Bill Zebub doing what he does best. He takes a particular mythology, in this case, Santa Claus, and then, using pure science and research dissects what Santa really is. He also postulates the theory of a new age of humanity that tells of a time when all the gods of mankind have abandoned us and fled this realm of reality. IN doing so, ancient gods, imprisoned forever, are released upon an unsuspecting population to propagate whatever horrors they wish upon mankind. Accompanied by an amazing metal soundtrack and some beautiful cinematography, Bill gives us a movie that works on two levels; one with the pretty girls and sex and violence, the other making us question everything we believe whether we believe it as a myth or as reality. Sprinkle some jokes in there including the one about how people pay attention better with a naked woman in front of them and you have the logical, next evolutionary step in what a true Bill Zebub movie is. With the addition of lucid dreaming into the mix we can either accept what we see on the screen in front of us as what really happened or we can guess that the entire thing may be nothing more than a single man's dream or, even more disturbing, the dream of an ancient god who wants nothing more than to usher in the Age of Lead to ensure their own release back into the world. Pretty heavy stuff for what presents itself as an exploitation film.

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