The Woman in Red


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Plot summary

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November 30, 2018 at 06:00 AM


Top cast

Gene Wilder as Teddy Pierce
Kelly LeBrock as Charlotte
Charles Grodin as Buddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 5 / 10

Take a look at those legs.....

Teddy is a middle-aged man who has a good wife, kids, friends, and a fine job.

You could say that he has everything he wants; but he doesn't.

One day he sees a gorgeous woman in a red dress, and becomes instantly infatuated with the model.

He must have her...

Gene Wilder is one of those actors you could watch reading the phone directory, he's warm, funny, and very convincing. So even when you know he has also written and directed this poor excuse for a film, you cannot help but enjoy it just a little, because he is magnetic on screen.

So he becomes obsessed with Le Brock after she has danced on an air vent.

That's the get up of the whole film, but it cannot decide whether its a spoof of romantic movies, a deprecating parody of promiscuity, or just an all out dumb comedy.

The more serious tones of the film, like marriage break ups and loneliness, do not sit right in the film, and Le Brock proves that she is just a pretty face, she cannot act, and I doubt Seagal gave her lessons.

All In all, it's more of a vanity project for Wilder, making him appear irresistible to a woman, who wouldn't look at another man his age.

At least the soundtrack is good.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 5 / 10

Gene Wilder, Again

This has an interesting premise, but those who made it couldn't take it seriously. Gene Wilder does his usual shy, reserved, should-I-or-shouldn't-I cutey. He and his juvenile muchachos act like children. He becomes obsessed with a woman in red whom he sees dancing over a heat grate. The movie is more about his mid life crisis (same old stuff) and how he maintains his status among these guys. He has the attractive wife, the adorable kids, and finds himself escaping an inevitable crash. It just doesn't work. Given a serious treatment and Wilder's acting ability, it could have been fairly nice. We are left to sort things out and hope for the best.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

Men behaving badly

Teddy Pierce (Gene Wilder) works in a San Francisco ad agency and finds himself on a ledge wondering what went wrong. Four weeks previous, he sees the woman in red Charlotte (Kelly LeBrock) doing the Seven Year Itch dance in the parking lot. He tries to make a date with her despite being happily married to Didi (Judith Ivey) with kids. Miscommunication leads to Ms. Milner (Gilda Radner) getting the call who assumes that she's going on the date. His womanizing friend Joey (Joseph Bologna) loses his wife who takes everything. He continues with plans for the affair anyways while the guys Buddy (Charles Grodin) and Mikey take Joey for a night out. He has second thoughts and stands up Ms. Milner while Charlotte doesn't even know who he is.

There is no redeeming Teddy's antics but Gene Wilder gets a few good laughs in. I love Gilda Radner in this when she takes it out on Gene. The movie works best when Teddy gets put down. It doesn't work as much knowing he's lying to his wife. This movie should have more misadventures and hitting Teddy's nuts.

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